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17,000 GIs Not Listed As Casualties

16 Sept. 2004 | United Press International by Mark Benjamin WASHINGTON — Nearly 17,000 service members medically evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistan are absent from public Pentagon casualty reports, according to military data reviewed by United Press International. The Pentagon said most don’t fit the definition of casualties, but a veterans’ advocate said they should all be counted. In addition to those evacuations, 32,684 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan now out of the military sought medical attention from the Department of Veterans Affairs by July 22, according to VA reports obtained by UPI. The number of those visits to VA […]

Report Shows Cheney Went Abroad to Attack America

16 Sept. 2004 | Misleader.org Vice President Cheney has regularly attacked the national security credentials of Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), calling him weak on terrorism. But according to a new report, it was Cheney who actually did business with terrorist countries and traveled abroad to attack America’s counter-terrorism efforts in the 1990s. As The American Prospect documents, Cheney oversaw Halliburton’s effort to do business with Iraq and Iran in the 1990s, despite American sanctions against those countries. During his time as CEO, he oversaw Halliburton’s $73 million worth of business with Saddam Hussein.1 This, despite his claim that he had […]