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Evidence of Electoral Fraud in Florida!?

by Brendan Lalor Here’s the body of an email I sent out this morning to TrueMajority, MoveOn, Voice4Change, United for Peace and Justice, Common Dreams, Information Clearing House, and Global Exchange. Admittedly, there’s some hype here, but it’s point is worth considering, since — as I wrote to the Kerry campaign — “an actual count [or at least the exposure of foul play] surely has more legal weight than a mis-informed concession speech!!!!” Hello, progressives! If I am right, we have to ACT FAST! I just received a forwarded email which originated with one Cheryl Gutmann, who is a member […]

What’s the Worry About the Vote Count in Florida and Ohio?

Exit Polls Right, Tallies Wrong? November 5, 2004 | Alternet by Thom Hartmann The rallying cry of the emerging “honest vote” movement must become: Get Corporations Out of Our Vote! The hot story in the blogosphere is that the “erroneous” exit polls that showed Kerry carrying Florida and Ohio (among other states) weren’t erroneous at all – it was the numbers produced by paperless voting machines that were wrong, and Kerry actually won. As more and more analysis is done of what may (or may not) be the most massive election fraud in the history of the world, however, it’s […]

Kerry Won

4 Nov. 2004 | TomPaine.com by Greg Palast Kerry won. Here’s the facts. I know you don’t want to hear it. You can’t face one more hung chad.  But I don’t have a choice. As a journalist examining that messy sausage called American democracy, it’s my job to tell you who got the most votes in the deciding states. Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry.

Whether Bush Won Democratically or Not, He Has Power: What Now?

by Brendan Lalor We’re angry that Black voters in Ohio cast votes against Bush that were likely ignored. We’re angry because giant media corporations won’t investigate the story. We’re worried about the further erosion of checks and balances, now that right-wing extremists exercise even more significant control over every branch of government. We’re worried about Bush pulling out all the stops and moving to implement more of his domestic shock and awe program: discriminatory amendments to the Constitution, privatization of Social Security, more military and economic dominance in the Middle East, more undermining of the U.N., more taxpayer dollars transferred […]