Evidence of Electoral Fraud in Florida!?

by Brendan Lalor

Here’s the body of an email I sent out this morning to TrueMajority, MoveOn, Voice4Change, United for Peace and Justice, Common Dreams, Information Clearing House, and Global Exchange. Admittedly, there’s some hype here, but it’s point is worth considering, since — as I wrote to the Kerry campaign — “an actual count [or at least the exposure of foul play] surely has more legal weight than a mis-informed concession speech!!!!”

Hello, progressives! If I am right, we have to ACT FAST!

I just received a forwarded email which originated with one Cheryl Gutmann, who is a member of the Yahoo! group, “globenet.” At first I thought her evidence of electoral fraud in Florida was made up by an understandably disheartened liberal. BUT I CHECKED THE DATA ON THE WEBSITES OF THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF STATE!!! She is right … 

Look at these results in Florida: http://ustogether.org/Florida_Election.htm

If correct, this means the increase in Republican turnout in lots of counties was 200%-400%!!!! At the same time as Dem. turnout declined!!! Not believable. Do you know if the numbers are correct? I verified some of them on the http://enight.dos.state.fl.us/ and http://election.dos.state.fl.us/voterreg/index.shtml
sites. Sure enough:

Baker County, for instance, has 8,804 Democrats registered and 2,712 Republicans registered (see http://election.dos.state.fl.us/voterreg/pdf/2004/2004primusc.pdf). But 7,738 voted Bush and 2,180 voted Kerry (see http://enight.dos.state.fl.us/)!!!!

And this is a pattern.


–Brendan Lalor

Although there might be some other explanation of these strange phenomena, we should investigate this for democracy’s sake.

Thanks to Barbara Geary for passing along the email from Gutmann. –BL

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