Bush Admin.: Don’t Forget the War on Terror

[ The Bush Administration is coordinating efforts to “heighten … awareness and preparedness” during September — presumably timed to rekindle fear so as to prevent clear thinking during the election season. –BL ]

National Preparedness Month-September 2004

11 August 2004 | Office of Emergency Management

Throughout September 2004, the US Department of Homeland Security, American Red Cross, American Prepared Campaign, the National Association of Broadcasters, the US Department of Education and other partners, will host a series of events to highlight the importance of citizen emergency preparedness.

During National Preparedness Month, coalition partners will promote the basic steps all Americans can take to prepare for emergencies through a variety of activities. You are encouraged to heighten your awareness and preparedness. For a good resource on personal and family readiness, visit www.Ready.gov, or www.OPM.gov. Great information is available and should be accessed to Get a Kit, then Make a Plan and Be Prepared.

Should you have any questions about personal preparedness and also what GSA is doing to help this agency be prepared, contact your regional Emergency Coordinator or the Office of Emergency Management at (202) 501-0012.

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