Cheney Misleads [Again!] on Iraq/Al-Qaeda Connection

14 Sept. 2004 |

Displaying a brazen disregard for the facts, Vice President Cheney told an audience in Cincinnati Thursday that Iraq had “provided safe harbor and sanctuary…for Al Qaeda.”1 There is no evidence to support Cheney’s claim. The 9/11 Commission – which spent months exhaustively studying the issue – concluded there was no “collaborative relationship” between Iraq and al-Qaeda.2

After the release of the report, Cheney claimed there was “overwhelming” evidence of a relationship between al-Qaeda and Iraq and that he had “probably” seen evidence that was not shared with the commission.3 After investigating the matter, the 9/11 Commission found “it had access to the same information the vice president has seen regarding contacts between Al Qaeda and Iraq prior to the 9/11 attacks.” The commission also reaffirmed its position that it had not discovered a “collaboration-cooperation between al-Qaeda and Iraq.”4


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