Coalition Forces Transfer WMD Parts from Kuwait to Southern Iraq

[ It’s not as though we hadn’t suspected the Administration might plant WMDs, given that its on-going futile search is/was destined to fail. This could get more interesting if other sources confirm the story. –BL ]

U.S. Trucks Carrying Radioactive Materials Intercepted In Iraq-Kuwait Border

15 June 2004 | Tehran Times

TEHRAN (MNA) -? The UAE-based daily Al-Khaleej reported on Monday that Kuwaiti tariff officials have intercepted a truck loaded with radioactive materials in the Iraq-Kuwait border.

The daily quoted informed sources as saying that the radioactive control team from Kuwait’s Health Ministry discovered that one of the trucks belonging to the U.S.-led coalition forces was carrying heavy radioactive materials trucks. The trucks were headed for Iraq.

The daily said that such materials could only enter a country when there is permission from related bodies while the materials were secretly being carried to Iraq.

Security forces stressed that no contamination had been caused by the material.

The MNA reported for the first time the coalition forces? suspicious transfer of WMD parts from Kuwait to Southern Iraq by trucks.

The possible presence of WMD in Iraq and its likely nuclear programs were the main U.S. pretext for attacking the country.

However, their failure to find weapons of mass destruction in the country and the continuing turmoil in Iraq questioned the legitimacy of the U.S. war against Iraq and their presence in the country.

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