“Give us a phlog…”

This post is something like the title cut of an album – it presents the header image of my resurrected blog (at least for now). I like this picture, especially at full size, and call it “Sinews of the Earth.”

The fluids, the fibers, the will to live.
The fluids, the fibers, the will to live.

I’m looking forward to seeing what, if anything, happens as I open this space for images. To the tune of “Piano Man”:

Give us a phlog, you’re the Camera Man;
give us a phlog tonight,
while we’re all in the mood for a photograph
and what we’re seein’s so nice.

Oh, la di da. Seriously, though, I invite Dionysus to preside here, and affirm the ecstasy found in everyday sacred beauty and in openness to the shadowy side of the world – the side less susceptible to tidy control and containment by concepts. Apollo has gone to visit the Hyperboreans and it is time to party!

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