Hondurans See Connection Between Prisons in Iraq and Honduras

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Honduras: Negroponte in the sights

14 May 2004 | Diario La República/AFP [Peru]

Honduran authorities are investigating whether the torture manual allegedly used by US troops in Iraq was used in that country in the 1980s, said Minister of Defense, Federico Breve.

The functionary in charge of Human Rights, Ramon Custodio, stated that “the tortures that are used on Iraqi prisoners coincide with the hood, electroshocks, blows, and the humiliation and degradation to which prisoners in Honduras were subjected.” For its part, coordinator of the Committee of Families of Disappeared Detainees of Honduras (COFADEH), Bertha Oliva, also told AFP that “those tortures which we are seeing in Iraq are from the same manual that was used in Honduras durind the application of the Doctrine of National Security by Mr. John Dimitri Negroponte.” “Negroponte (named new ambassador to Baghdad) is the same one who is now part of the application of US policy in Iraq, therefore it should not come as a surprise; and, here there are survivors of that doctrine who tell of the same tortures, the same with the former members of (Honduran military battallion) 3-16,” the human rights leader emphasized.

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