Responds to Bush Camp’s Attack on Kerry Purple Heart

by Brendan Lalor

While I am not a Kerry enthusiast, I am pleased to recommend this ad for your viewing pleasure: click here to see the Bush-Kerry comparison ad.

A little background: It is hard to imagine a more absurd angle of attack against John Kerry for the GOP than to question his military record, in particular, whether he deserves all three of his Purple Hearts. While the claim that George W. Bush fulfilled his military service requirements is iffy at best, and Dick Cheney had “other priorities” than military service, Kerry’s life was on the line in Vietnam. The fact that Kerry’s record of military service and awards stands up under scrutiny is irrelevant to the Bush Republicans. They know there is no legitimate basis for criticizing Kerry here; but they hope the public won’t learn that. Recall the sleazy, illegitimate attacks on John McCain and on Max Cleland, both of which may have cost them their respective elections.

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