Not Yet Covered in the Corporate Press!: Aristide Kidnapped(?)

by Brendan Lalor,

Congresswoman Maxine Waters communicated with Hatian President Jean Bertrand Aristide today, and she reports that — contrary to what we hear in the mainstream media so far — Aristide did not resign, nor did he flee. Instead he was kidnapped, he says by U.S.-supported forces! For the latest, check the website.

Meanwhile, ABC news says its top story on NightLine tonight will be Aristide’s “flight” from Haiti. Let’s hope they get the full story before going on the air.

As I’ve recently noted, U.S. support for anti-democratic movements in the hemisphere ought to be a concern to “pro-democracy” forces in the U.S.; but the media coverage so far has not been particularly helpful in supplying us with information about how our government is exercising influence in Haiti. Let’s hope the mainstream media can play a more critical role on this issue now than it did while embedded in the Iraq War, in which it functioned more like the propaganda arm of the Bush Administration than a counterweight to the state.

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