Pre-mail: Not just a good idea.


This is not email.

This is pre-mail. It is a new product being marketed on the internet by the company. Please get your friends to visit our web site by simply telling them our easy-to-remember web address. In fact, if you don’t tell 15 of your friends, bad luck will befall you by the end of this day. I am not kidding. This is not a hoax. This is not another “chain mail.” This is for real. Frank Shepherd of Pennsylvania is one sorry man who didn’t tell 15 of his friends. He got cancer and died within 5 weeks. Slowly. Painfully. But whatever. You make your own decision. Don’t be swayed by what I’ve told you.

So. Pre-mail announces email. It’s like a tax. It gets attached to every one, like a tax on every purchase. But instead of a sales tax, it’s a bandwidth tax. You know? How do you pay sales tax? With money. “But it’s tax on money spent.” Exactly. It’s money-for-money. So it should be bandwidth-for-bandwidth. If people are going to use bandwidth on messages sent, they should have to pay for that in bandwidth. They should have to fucking throw bandwidth away. Waste it. On pre-mail.

New. Bold. Pre-mail.

Your email is below the line that concludes this pre-mail.

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