Report Proves Bush Knew He Was Lying About Iraq

4 August 2004 |

Earlier this week, President Bush claimed “we all thought we would find stockpiles of weapons”1 in Iraq, and claimed that he had no inkling that his pre-war claims about the Iraqi threat were weak. But as a major new story released today shows, the President and other top administration officials were repeatedly warned before the invasion that its case for war was weak.

The cover story for this month’s In These Times analyzes declassified government documents and intelligence reports given to the White House before the war. These documents either warned the administration about its WMD and Iraq-al Qaeda claims, or totally debunked them. In some cases, intelligence experts explicitly warned top officials not to make the claims they were making, and yet they were ignored. The story wholly refutes assertions by the White House and Republicans that it was the intelligence community to blame. In fact, as the data show, the White House deliberately ignored intelligence to mislead America.

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1. Presidential Remarks,, 8/02/2004.

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