U.S. Military Whistleblowers Face Retribution

[ Statistically, those who blow the whistle on abuse in the military face serious retribution by the military, despite the so-called Whitle-Blower Protection Act. –BL ]

21 May 2004 | National Public Radio

NPR’s Daniel Zwerdling examines two cases of military whistleblowers who faced retribution for exposing wrongdoing. In the first case, an Army captain was sent to Haiti in 1994 to protect human rights, but when he tried to expose the fact that U.S. military was standing by while political dissidents were being killed, he was court-martialed and lost his job and benefits. In the second case, a young Navy officer who revealed something far less heinous — that commanders were going on expensive taxpayer-funded junkets — had his military career destroyed in retaliation.

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