SD’s Herseth Looks Like Good News

by Brendan Lalor

As the wires report today that “Democrat Stephanie Herseth was sworn in Thursday as South Dakota’s lone representative in the House,” many wonder just who this farm-stater is. According to John Nichols’ brief on her from August, 2002, she’s a 31-year-old Georgetown Law grad,

scoring points as a modern-day prairie populist willing to take on corporate agribusiness and the lobbyists who push free trade schemes like NAFTA. Where some farm-state Democrats remain unquestioning backers of free trade schemes, Herseth bluntly calls for a new direction. ?Undeniably, NAFTA has had devastating effects on our state?s manufacturing and agriculture industries,? she says. ?I believe that free trade must also be fair trade, and I will work hard to ensure that our federal trade negotiators effectively represent the interests of individual South Dakota workers, farmers and ranchers, not just large corporate interests.?

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