Sudan’s Best case scenario: 330,000 dead

[ There is a related Human Rights Watch video available online, “Darfur Destroyed.” –BL ]

June 04, 2004 |

“We estimate right now if we get relief in, we’ll lose a third of a million people, and if we don’t the death rates could be dramatically higher, approaching a million people.”

That’s Andrew Natsios, the head of USAID, speaking at yesterday’s UN donor meeting on Darfur. Reliefweb has an assortment of other statements from the event, including a particularly clear and beautiful speech by the head of UNHCR.

The practical upshot of the conference was an appeal for $236 million, which was partially filled by pledges of $188 million from the US, 10 million euros from the EU, and US$4.4m from Canada.

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