US Marines Shoot Ambulances in Fallujah

[ Although the U.S. has sought to prevent news agencies such as Al-Jazeera from covering the U.S. massacre of Fallujah, a number of independent and alternative media have managed to get stories and footage out — including this story Free Speech Radio filed with Democracy Now!, this coverage by ahr Jamail, and by Voices in the Wilderness. Below is another such report. –doclalor ]

Pacifica Network Reports from Iraq, April 13, 2004

BAGHDAD, IRAQ — Speaking from his ranch in Crawford, Texas the President the United States, George W. Bush told reporters American soldiers have acted against, quote: “lawlessness and gangs” in Iraq in the past week. The American theater commander in Fallujah told Britain’s Guardian newspaper 95 percent of those killed in the assault on the city are armed militants. But that’s not the story coming from Fallujah’s temporary emergency clinics. This Baghdad doctor has spent most of the last week in Fallujah. His name is being with-held for his own safety.

“When you see a child five years old with no head what can you say?” asks one doctor in Fallujah, whose name is being with-held for his own safety. “When you see a child with no brain just an open cavity what can you say? When you see a mother just hold her infant with no head and the shells are all over her body.”

So many Fallujahans have been killed by the US Marines that residents have resorted to digging mass graves. The City’s foot-ball stadium now holds more than 200 dead bodies:

“We buried many in the stadium for football until it became full. When you are burying you cannot stay long because they (US Marines) will just shoot you. So we use the shovel. Just dig a big hole and put a whole family in the hole and leave as soon as possible so we are not shot.”

The official number killed in Fallujah is 600, but the total number of civilian casualties is likely much higher. The official tally only reflects those deaths reported by the cities mosques and clinics. But American snipers and bombers have killed many people while they are inside their homes.

The doctor says his ambulance was attacked multiple times as it sought to bring aid to residents stranded in their homes. Once when it was trying to retrieve dead bodies for burial and a second time when it was attempting to bring food aid to homes cut off by American snipers

“I see people carrying a white flag and yelling for us saying ‘We are here’ just try to save us but we cannot save them because whenever we open the ambulance they will shoot us. We try to carry food or water by containers. As soon as you carry food or water, the snipers shot the containers of food.

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