War Profiteers Ranked

April, 2004 | Center for Public Integrity

Post-War Contractors Ranked by Total Contract Value in Iraq and Afghanistan From 2002 through March 31, 2004

Archived version of ranking available

ContractorContract Total
Kellogg, Brown & Root (Halliburton)$3,967,866,240
Bechtel Group Inc.$2,829,833,859
Parsons Corp.$880,000,000
International American Products Inc.$528,421,252
Perini Corporation$525,000,000
Contrack International Inc.$500,000,000
Fluor Corp.$500,000,000
Washington Group International$500,000,000
Research Triangle Institute$466,070,508
BearingPoint Inc.$304,262,668
Louis Berger Group$300,000,000
Creative Associates International Inc.$217,139,368
Chemonics International Inc.$167,759,000
Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.) $111,964,161
DynCorp (Computer Sciences Corp.)$93,689,421
EOD Technology Inc.$71,900,000
Tetra Tech Inc.$66,947,671
USA Environmental Inc.$66,947,671
Development Alternatives Inc.$49,117,857
Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman)$48,074,442
Abt Associates Inc.$43,818,278
International Resources Group$37,230,000
Management Systems International$29,816,328
SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc.$27,200,000
Science Applications International Corp.$23,486,298
Ronco Consulting Corporation$22,458,290
World Fuel Services Corp.$19,762,792
Stevedoring Services of America$14,318,895
Raytheon Aerospace LLC$7,382,194
Liberty Shipping Group Ltd.$7,300,000
TECO Ocean Shipping Co.$7,200,000
University of Nebraska at Omaha$7,072,468
PAE Government Services Inc.$7,007,158
General Electric Company$6,801,493
Anteon International Corporation$6,800,000
American President Lines Ltd.$5,000,000
Ocean Bulkships Inc.$5,000,000
United Defense Industries, L.P.$4,500,000
Sealift Inc.$4,000,000
Zapata Engineering$3,838,958
Diplomat Freight Services Inc.$2,604,276
Social Impact Inc.$1,875,000
Global Container Lines Ltd.$1,850,000
Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.$1,700,000
J & B Truck Repair Service$1,353,000
MZM Inc.$1,213,632
Dataline Inc.$1,028,851
Red River Computer Company$972,592
Dell Marketing L.P.$513,678
DHS Logistics Company$378,000
Sodexho Inc.$324,120
Force 3$274,651
Baldino, George F.$263,000
Military Professional Resources Inc.$252,743
Nuttall, James S.$187,000
Unisys Corporation$180,000
Alexander, Deborah Lynn$168,625
Reabold, Miguel (Michael)$136,603
Native American Industrial Distributors Inc.$123,572
EGL Eagle Global Logistics$111,000
Young, Brian$106,150
Paro, Amy K.$94,457
Sampler, Donald L.$81,000
John S. Connor Inc.$34,153
Logenix International L.L.C.$29,000
Landstar Express America Inc.$24,396
Expedited World Cargo Inc.$21,099
Intelligent Enterprise Solutions$19,835
Transfair North America International$19,351
Mediterranean Shipping Company$13,000
Kroll Inc.Unknown Value

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