What is there It Is . org?

ThereItIs.org is a left-oriented political site, and I’m Brendan Lalor, the one who runs it. Starting in 2003, before the Iraq war, I published some of my own political writings here, in large part for my students at the University of Central Oklahoma, and for some right-wing members of my extended family. From January through December of 2004, the site became a venue for daily news and analysis pieces to which I (and 400 subscribers) pointed right-wing relatives, students, neighbors, or acquaintances for the antidote to delusions induced by propaganda from FoxNews, ClearChannel radio, the Bush Administration, and others.

Although I still post pieces on the site that I deem to be of lasting importance, I’ve quit the daily news updates. First, commondreams.org, DemocracyNow!, and other sites are doing a good job at providing such news. Second, and unfortunately, many right-wingers have learned to ignore facts that conflict with their ideological commitments. Worse, they appear not to be troubled by any facts that do slip past their defenses, as they have learned to cope with the cognitive dissonance this must cause. Hence, I have been focusing the bulk of my energies elsewhere.

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