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Oil Wars

[From the piece: Iraq is hardly the only country where American troops are risking their lives on a daily basis to protect the flow of petroleum. In Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and the Republic of Georgia, U.S. personnel are also spending their days and nights protecting pipelines and refineries, or supervising the local forces assigned to this mission. American sailors are now on oil-protection patrol in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, the South China Sea, and along other sea routes that deliver oil to the United States and its allies. In fact, the American military is increasingly being converted into […]

The Endangered US Dollar: From Gold-Backed to Oil-Backed and Beyond

August 2004 | MuseLetter No. 149 by Richard Heinberg To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude.   –Thomas Jefferson For decades the US dollar has served as the world’s default currency. The phrase "sound as a dollar" has expressed the faith and confidence of generations, not only of Americans, but people worldwide. That situation is coming to end, and the consequences will be far-reaching. A Brief History of Money In order to understand why this sea change is about to […]

B’Tselem: 50,000 Palestinians Under ‘Complete Siege’; U.S. Refuses to Condemn

5 Oct. 2004 | DemocracyNow! A new report by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has found that 41 percent of the fatalities in Gaza over the past week have been civilians. The group estimates Israeli forces have killed 75 Palestinians – 31 of whom were civilians. Among the dead were 19 Palestinian children aged 17 and under. The group says 50,000 Palestinians in Gaza are living under complete siege without water and electricity and little food. B’Tselem also reports Israeli forces have demolished 55 houses in the Jabaliya refugee camp and another 50 additional houses have been severely damaged. […]

Iraqi Insurgency Distinguishes Itself from Terrorist

5 October 2004 | DemocracyNow! Report: Iraqi Resistance Uniting Against U.S. & Zarqawi A leading Kuwaiti newspaper is reporting that a number of Iraqi resistance groups are planning on uniting under a single umbrella group to oppose the US presence in Iraq. The paper reports the resistance group will command a total of 7,000 fighters across Iraq. In addition, the resistance groups are threatening to take up arms against suspected Al Qaeda leader Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi unless he stops carrying out attacks against Shiite Iraqis. A source for the new unity group said, “If Zarqawi does not abandon his plans […]