Iraqi Insurgency Distinguishes Itself from Terrorist

5 October 2004 | DemocracyNow!

Report: Iraqi Resistance Uniting Against U.S. & Zarqawi

A leading Kuwaiti newspaper is reporting that a number of Iraqi resistance groups are planning on uniting under a single umbrella group to oppose the US presence in Iraq. The paper reports the resistance group will command a total of 7,000 fighters across Iraq. In addition, the resistance groups are threatening to take up arms against suspected Al Qaeda leader Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi unless he stops carrying out attacks against Shiite Iraqis. A source for the new unity group said, “If Zarqawi does not abandon his plans to instigate a sectarian rift, the groups will force him to do so even if that requires taking up arms against him.” The group’s stance on Zarqawi cast new doubts on the Bush administration’s claim that Zarqawi is leading the resistance. A new report by Newsday has found that Zarqawi has far less power than portrayed by the U.S. and the media. The paper estimates his group has just 100 members inside Iraq. A new Arab intelligence assessment cited by Newsday determined that Zarqawi does not have the support to carry out all of the attacks that he takes credit for. Meanwhile President Bush said of the Iraqi resistance yesterday “We’re dealing with an enemy that has no conscience. These people are brutal. They’re the exact opposite of Americans.”

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